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We believe that individual professional growth is the key to business success in the digital area. We have combined the strengths of coaching and technology and developed online coaching as the engine to get your staff engaged, professionally grow and implement your strategy.

eCoachPro has designed a unique solution for this challenge. This is an integrated solution based on academic research and hundreds of coaching programs. The proposition has been built combining these academic insights and experiences with the opportunities provided by technology and Internet. As a part of the solution we offer:

  • An academic supported “Plan of attack” for large scale online people development
  • A secure, flexible and state of the art platform to enable online people development with a great user experience
  • A strong team of trained (online) professional coaches that enable you to implement your strategic goals
  • A scalable, cost efficient and flexible solution for people development objectives

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What if all your staff were engaged with your strategy and focused on personal development?

The latest from ECP

  • Leadership development on the work floor with on-site and online coaching for an optimal transfer

    Every individual, every leader and every business is unique. Led by this idea, multinational Euroports, one of the largest port-infrastructure companies in Europe, was in search of a suitable leadership program. In partnership with eCoachPro a tailor-made leadership program for Euroports was developed. The uniqueness of this program lies in several offsite training sessions cmbined with e-coaching in between. Through this combination, the content of the training sessions is brought into practice immediately and consequently in the daily work environment. The specific learning needs of the participants and the objectives of the company were also taken into account. Formulas like the 70:20:10 model and a blended learning and development model was used to maximize the participants’ effectiveness of their learning and development skills.

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  • Three-dimensional reading: how to figure out what your coachee really means

    Not every great coach is a great online coach. Using emails and chat apps, but also specific online coaching tools like Pluform, requires certain skills. Being able to read analytically and write strategically, are great skills to have when you are coaching people online, where the communicative power of the written word plays an important role.

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  • Conference EMCC 12 April 2018: Leadership development in a VUCA-world

    On the 12th of April eCoachPro was present at the 24th edition of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching council) conference in Amsterdam. During this conference Anne Ribbers and Marco Tieleman were invited to speak about a VUCA programme which is designed by eCoachPro and Groupmapping for the leadership of a big governmental organization in the Netherlands.

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