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eCoachPro offers the highest quality coaching and leadership development with proven results.

Our Purpose

“Our purpose is to make coaching available in a more effective, efficient and accessible way to a larger audience, by using technology and facilitating the natural way in which people learn and develop and thus accelerating professional growth and wellbeing.”

What we do

“We integrate and blend face to face coaching with online coaching to create a continuous development journey (24/7) and accelerate professional growth in the day to day environment. We call this Technology-Enhanced Coaching. Everything we do is evidence-based and supported by elaborate data analytics.”

Our Dedicated Team

We work with a large international group of high-end (executive) coaches,  Leadership Development (LD) trainers and behavioral scientists. 

  • 60 certified (executive) coaches 
  • We offer coaching, training and consultancy in 20 different languages
  • Our coaches have relevant academic degrees and are affiliated with a recognized international professional body such as ICF, EMCC, NOLOC, NIP, CTI, ST!R, etc.

View below the profiles of our international (executive) coaches, Leadership Development (LD) specialists and behavioral scientists:

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What if all your staff were engaged with your strategy and focused on personal development?

The latest from ECP

  • Managing in times of crisis: push the boundaries

    Flexible, short online coaching engangements for executives in crisis situations

    Equip staff members with appropriate leadership styles and coordination skills. And cultivate collaborative approaches in a complex and changing work landscape. That was the aim when we started coaching at a large intergovernmental organization active in over 130 countries in conflictious regions. Participants were matched with a certified e-coach and received four hours of blended coaching. Coaching as a space for self-awareness, reflection and skills development. “Sometimes it is difficult to see something beyond our own contextual perspective”, one of the participants states. “Having contact with an external coach was useful to push my boundaries.” 

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  • The poverty of Video calls and how it can be improved

    Online guidance and treatment using various means of communication 

    You can hardly get around it. In recent weeks, several online video calling services have been offering their services at low prices or even for free. The care and support industry is jumping on it en masse. The fact that people are now reaching for online video calls is logical: it comes closest to face-to-face contact. Video calls seem to be familiar almost immediately. However, the lack of non-verbal communication is difficult to compensate for. Video calling is therefore a "poor" version of face-to-face contact. You can argue that limited contact is better than no contact at all. But a better and more intensive contact is possible: by combining image calling with other means of communication.

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  • Video calls plus the other ways of online coaching

    A-synchronicity, social anonymity and the power of writing 

    You see it a lot these days. Now that face-to-face coaching appointments are not feasible anymore, technology offers an alternative to continue to communicate online. Video calls are on the rise. However, facilitating an online video connection with your client does not immediately mean the coaching engagement will end up successful. Online coaching and guidance is a discipline in our field and does require a thorough, well thought through approach. eCoachPro (eCP) is a Dutch founded company that built its expertise in this discipline in the last eleven years. Our own eCP methodology has been specifically  developed for online coaching and counselling/treatment. The online dialogue is a key element in this. A blog about a-synchronicity, social anonymity and the power of writing. 

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