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eCoachPro offers the highest quality coaching and leadership development with proven results.

Our Purpose

“Our purpose is to make coaching available in a more effective, efficient and accessible way to a larger audience, by using technology and facilitating the natural way in which people learn and develop and thus accelerating professional growth and wellbeing.”

What we do

“We integrate and blend face to face coaching with online coaching to create a continuous development journey (24/7) and accelerate professional growth in the day to day environment. We call this Technology-Enhanced Coaching. Everything we do is evidence-based and supported by elaborate data analytics.”

Our Dedicated Team

We work with a large international group of high-end (executive) coaches,  Leadership Development (LD) trainers and behavioral scientists. 

  • 60 certified (executive) coaches 
  • We offer coaching, training and consultancy in 20 different languages
  • Our coaches have relevant academic degrees and are affiliated with a recognized international professional body such as ICF, EMCC, NOLOC, NIP, CTI, ST!R, etc.

View below the profiles of our international (executive) coaches, Leadership Development (LD) specialists and behavioral scientists:

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What if all your staff were engaged with your strategy and focused on personal development?

The latest from ECP

  • The bonsai of e-coaching

    Being an e-coach: coaching competencies and beyond

    - Written by Macarena Vergara and Antonie Bors - 

    What is it like to be an e-coach? What is the thinking and unique philosophy behind this modality of coaching? In e-coaching, we curate the relationship through the power of the written word. An e-coach works at cultivating trust, safety and intimacy with every written message. Macarena Vergara, e-coach at eCoachPro, talks about e-coaching and what it entails for her as a coach.

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  • How do you know coaching is a waste of money?

    It can also be done differently: measure sustainable behavioural change 

    - Written by Anne Ribbers and Antonie Bors -

    The coaching profession is often topic of discussion. In the Netherlands, a recent broadcast of the Rambam research programme about coaching led to a national discussion. How do you know you have the right, professional and qualified coach? In short: how do you measure quality? A certified coach is one parameter. We also find it essential that the results of a coaching program are clear and measurable. We do this through the unique Coaching Monitor tool developed by the NOBCO (EMCC). We recently coached a large group of team leaders within the Dutch National Police and the tool made sustainable behavioural changes visible.  

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  • eCoachPro, part of the top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe 2019!

    The need for a well-thought leadership development program/strategy has never been direr. With the rise of collaborative platforms and organizational design that emphasizes individual initiative, employees across the board are driving consequential decisions that align with corporate goals and culture. Evidently, these employees must be equipped with the relevant technical and communication skills. From promoting workforce engagement, hiring he right talent, and redesigning management infrastructure to improving the quality of coaching and driving a culture of agility, organizations need to step up and cover these leadership trends with the aid of the latest technologies. 

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