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eCoachPro offers the highest quality coaching and leadership development with proven results.

Our Purpose

“Our purpose is to make coaching available in a more effective, efficient and accessible way to a larger audience, by using technology and facilitating the natural way in which people learn and develop and thus accelerating professional growth and wellbeing.”

What we do

“We integrate and blend face to face coaching with online coaching to create a continuous development journey (24/7) and accelerate professional growth in the day to day environment. We call this Technology-Enhanced Coaching. Everything we do is evidence-based and supported by elaborate data analytics.”

Our Dedicated Team

We work with a large international group of high-end (executive) coaches,  Leadership Development (LD) trainers and behavioral scientists. 

  • 100 certified (executive) coaches, L&D trainers and behavioural scientists,
  • We offer coaching, training and consultancy in 26 different languages in more than 160 countries,
  • Our coaches have relevant academic degrees and are affiliated with a recognized international professional body such as ICF, EMCC, NOLOC, NIP, CTI, ST!R, etc.

View below the profiles of our international (executive) coaches, Leadership Development (LD) specialists and behavioral scientists:

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What if all your staff were engaged with your strategy and focused on personal development?

The latest from ECP

  • ISO-proof and why you should accelerate in times of crisis!

    In March 2020, Covid-related lockdowns were declared in many countries. During this time, we received notification from several clients that they could not allow ongoing Learning & Development programs to continue. We heard similar comments from colleagues in the field where huge programs were also shut down. They also indicated that clients were paying more attention to costs and were holding back in these uncertain times. A logical reaction, because our first reflex was to slam on the brakes. It was a real shock.

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  • eCoachPro has won an award: FD Gazelle 2020

    eCoachPro has won awards. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. With that we can call ourselves FD Gazelle 2020. 

    The FD Gazellen Awards is an award from the Dutch Financial Times (Financieel Dagblad) for fast-growing and financially growing companies. The main criterion is a turnover growth of at least 20% over a period of three years (2017-2019).

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  • The future of online behavioural interventions in the workplace

    To work in a more goal-oriented way, to improve performance, to develop as a leader or to find out whether you are still in the right place; increasingly organisations facilitate the dialogue around these developmental needs. For some years now also online interventions - that are supported by digital means - are widely offered (e-counselling, e-coaching, Apps). How effective and usable are all these different online interventions and tools in this respect? 

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