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Successful remote coaching and yet so close

Esmeralda Korteweg“An increasing amount of organizations are embracing the coach method of eCoachPro, partly due to the successful results. In our previous blog a client shared his personal experience. This time we give the word to one of our Associate eCoaches.

Esmeralda Korteweg received a straight A (measured by an instrument of the NOBCO - the Coaching Monitor) for her e-coaching. We couldn’t be more proud!  

All reasons to ask her what makes the eCP-method so successful.”

eCoachPro in conversation with Esmeralda Korteweg

Esmeralda: “Every time I finish an e-coaching program I am proud of the results. Remote e-coaching (without regularly meeting someone face-to-face) and still make a connection. How great is that?”.

“Since day 1 of the training program of eCoachPro I am very enthusiastic about the method of “writing”. Working on your personal development; at the time you choose and the place where you feel comfortable… These are some of the benefits that can help you to accomplish rapid progress for your client. The program and the certification process are intensive, but it will provide you with the right knowledge and tools to enthusiastically start as an e-coach”.

So it was a jump start?

Esmeralda: “Well, I noticed it requires some missionary work. In the US e-coaching via phone or video call is totally accepted, in the Netherlands we still have to get used to it. The eCP method is worldwide a totally new way of coaching since we integrate text based coaching in the primary process. But when the first steps are made, I only have satisfied clients. They are good ambassadors for online coaching.

What makes an online coaching program so special to you?

Esmeralda Korteweg e coach

Esmeralda: “Of course E-coaching in itself is a method to work on the coach question of a client. And you can use different tools such as Pluform, Whatsapp, video call or blended coaching (combination of face2face and online). For me it is all about the client and that the desired results are achieved in a way that fits the needs/preferences of the client. I assume this applies to all coaches. But for me personally e-coaching is – besides a method - also a different mindset about accessibility. Which is much more often than one hour a face2face conversation every month. I often have a contact frequency of 2 to 3 times a week with my coachees, so you can imagine a huge increase in proximity and involvement”.

“E-coaching has to fit you as a coach. I am online every day, in anyway what so ever. This means that those fast contact moments in between mean no extra load for me. I can imagine this doesn’t apply to all coaches. Like e-coaching has to fit the client it also has to fit the coach. If you check your mailbox once a week, because it is not your daily business, online coaching may not appeal to you. In this case you shouldn’t choose this method, because it is really 24/7”.

“Another benefit (I am sorry but I am just very enthusiastic) is that the entire development process, questions and exercises can be re-read. ‘Where did we reach a break through, when did we make an important step forward’. In the coachee can also look back to the program up to 2 years!”

And the proximity?

Esmeralda: “To me it feels very familiar, sincere, and natural. I really look forward to receive homework assignments and reflections. I always say; as a coachee you have a diary but than one that answers from a professional underpin. Together you actually build a beautiful story, with – if everything goes well- a satisfying end”.

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