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Leadership development on the work floor with on-site and online coaching for an optimal transfer

Every individual, every leader and every business is unique. Led by this idea, multinational Euroports, one of the largest port-infrastructure companies in Europe, was in search of a suitable leadership program. In partnership with eCoachPro a tailor-made leadership program for Euroports was developed. The uniqueness of this program lies in several offsite training sessions cmbined with e-coaching in between. Through this combination, the content of the training sessions is brought into practice immediately and consequently in the daily work environment. The specific learning needs of the participants and the objectives of the company were also taken into account. Formulas like the 70:20:10 model and a blended learning and development model was used to maximize the participants’ effectiveness of their learning and development skills.

Module 2, Rostock

An exciting challenge

Lucrèce Reybroeck, Euroports' Chief Human Resources Officer, faced an exciting challenge. How do you realize a Leadership Program that is suitable for the variety of cultures and complex issues which exist within Euroports, a multinational with a broad-based business?

After many discussions to identify all the company’s wishes and needs, a tailor-made program was created from scratch. Seventeen participants from Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and Spain make up the first group of participants. The program consists of residential modules, virtual sessions, and online coaching.

Euroports leadership development program

  • The ‘self’
    What are your qualities? How does your mind work? How do you practice mindful leadership? What type of manager are you? How do you lead a team yourself? During the first module, such questions are asked to put the focus on the individual. The answers to these questions also provide relevant information to be used during the parallel coaching process which continues during the whole program.

  • Team spirit
    In the second module, the focus lies with the team. How is the team composed? What skills are present within the team? Moreover, how do you make optimal use of these skills? In this module, there is also more interaction with the other participants and a variety of cases are discussed.

  • Company-minded
    The third and last module is devoted to the company as a whole and focuses on how to let a team be a thriving part of the organization.

  • Continuous online coaching
    In between modules, participants receive personal online coaching by a certified e-coach. The coach supports their professional growth during the actual development and application of the lessons learned in the workplace.

“A deliberate choice has been made to have the modules always take place at a different location and in a different country. This way, the participants not only get to know each other better, but they also learn more about the other Euroports locations," says Reybroeck. Furthermore, all participants are assigned a personal online coach to assist them in their mother language. Marc Coenen, Commercial Director at eCoachPro: "Not only is the program fully customized for Euroports, but we also offer a team of trained e-coaches from around the world, which makes this program extremely effective."

Tailor-made approach
“This unique, tailor-made approach is very different from a standardized concept that can be used for any company. We have discussed at length what Euroports needs in order to develop successful strategies for the future and figured out the best way to incorporate them in the program." 

"These efforts resulted in a highly interactive and practical program,” says Reybroeck. “I consider the online coaching sessions, which take place in between modules, an essential aspect of the program," he continues. "Ultimately, you want to see the participants apply the knowledge and skills they learned during the leadership program, meaning that the impact of your investment is clearly noticeable throughout the entire organization. I am convinced this impact is largely due to the fact that everyone received additional online coaching.

Brand new
The leadership development program is brand new, and its approach is incomparable to mainstream development programs. “Since we have not had any other programs to which we could compare this particular program, we did not exactly know what to expect. However, it has been put together so carefully that we now have a unique product to match the needs of Euroports perfectly. The positive feedback we’ve received from participants is a reflection of that.”


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