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Creating future-proof leaders at the Dutch National Police

Since 2010, Anne Ribbers (Director Global Coaching & Leadership Development) is specialized in a form of coaching that combines face-to-face conversations with online coaching. Within our organization we call this blended coaching or Technology Enhanced CoachingIn addition to face-to-face conversations, Anne works online with her clients through video calls and text-based coaching (written messages and exercises). Together they create a customized continuous coaching dialogue. The continuity of the dialogue makes it possible to take small development steps and to stay close to our clients in their day-to-day work environment. 

Real development of behavior

Through this approach, our clients make real behavioral changes in their daily practice. The real development of behavior requires an investment, that is why our clients really need to make an effort for to make it happen. Eventually, the hard work results in visible behavioral changes of a lasting nature. These days, we are working on many great projects for both small and large (international) organizations. 

At this moment, more and more socially engaged organizations find us. An example that we are very proud of is our collaboration with the National Dutch Police and in particular the Police Academy. At the Police Academy, the department of ‘Leadership’ is responsible for training and (re)training police executives. Anne is involved in two different initiatives.

Managing teams in a VUCA world 

One of the initiatives is a special training for team chefs at the National Dutch Police. These police chefs manage large operational teams. We have just started with the fourth group. Together with our partner GroupMapping we designed the program. The aim of the program is to strengthen their collaboration mindset & skills in a change management context. We are operating in a rapidly changing world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex Ambiguous) and the need for true collaboration is stronger than ever. During this program, managers are equipped with a practical intervention repertoire, in order to be able to operate more energetically and functionally in our complex and ever-changing society. 

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 The program consists of four onsite training sessions with continuous individual online coaching by eCoachPro from beginning to the end. The online coaching is aimed at translating what was learned during the session to the personal circumstances of the chef. With the aim to effectively practice and apply the lessons learned in the daily practice of the police chief. In 2018, I was invited to give a presentation at the European Mentoring & Council (EMCC) conference about our approach within this project. The content of this presentation can be found here.

Individual coaching for managers

Since last year, Anne is also been part of the Executive Coaching Pool of the Police Academy. Managers from all over the organization can opt for individual coaching. During these coach trajectories, she is able to support various managers in various fields during their professional development. With our blended coaching process, we work on actual behavioral improvements that become visible in the workplace. The result of the program is unanimous growth on personal formulated development goals, which shows in the results that are monitored and evaluated by eCoachPro throughout the process.

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Team members of the police chiefs are also involved in the coaching process. The results demonstrate that not only the chiefs see professional behavioral development progress, also the people who they lead confirm their progression. In fact, we see that the team members nearly always rate their chief’s progression larger than the chief himself does! At the end of the coaching process, this recognition by one’s own team is usually the best reward for a police chief. And, to be honest, for Anne as a coach as well.

Interview with my clients

Two of Anne's wonderful former coachees were interviewed by the Police Academy about their experiences with our blended coaching approach, and specifically with Anne as an e-coach. These two interviews can be found as a blog on the website of the Police AcademyNote: the interviews are only in the Dutch language. 

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