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eCoachPro, part of the top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe 2019!

The need for a well-thought leadership development program/strategy has never been direr. With the rise of collaborative platforms and organizational design that emphasizes individual initiative, employees across the board are driving consequential decisions that align with corporate goals and culture. Evidently, these employees must be equipped with the relevant technical and communication skills. From promoting workforce engagement, hiring he right talent, and redesigning management infrastructure to improving the quality of coaching and driving a culture of agility, organizations need to step up and cover these leadership trends with the aid of the latest technologies. 

Considering the changing phase of the leadership development landscape, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe 2019 that are reshaping the realm of leadership development and are empowering transformative leaders. 

eCoachPro is proud to be part of the top 10
Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe 2019!

eCoachPro makes coaching more effective, efficient and accessible to a larger audience by using technology and facilitating the natural way in which people learn and develop. Our quality coaching and leadership development practices are proven and have a great success rate. That enables us to deliver consistent results and enhance the return in time and investments.

Learning is not only the formal education that is inculcated during training days, but an ongoing process that takes place incessantly. Thus, we combine offline and online leadership development programs and that’ll help participants to apply their learnings in their day-to-day work life. The participants’ performance is evaluated and measured during the course of the program, making the training insightful for participants and clients. 

Our mission is to continue making leadership programs and coaching accessible to people all around the world, regardless their location and position. 

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