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"My favourite way of coaching"

Blog series: working for, at or with eCoachPro

Within eCoachPro (eCP) we coach professionals, share our expertise in the field of online coaching and train coaches in our method. In this series we let our professionals and clients have their say. Macarena Vergara, one of our associates, kicks off. In addition to being an online coach, she has also recently become a trainer. She taught one of our International Masterclasses e-coaching for the first time. An interview about her introduction to e-coaching, the way she applies it and her new role as trainer. "eCoachPro's approach of e-coaching has changed my presence as a coach, the way I listen and how I best formulate my next question".

How long have you been working in your profession as a coach?

"Since 2013, when I did my first coaching training in Cape Town. I used to work as an economist in the international development field. Now I am coaching leaders in that field, so I have come full circle..."

Macarena VergaraHow did you ever come into contact with eCoachPro? 

“I moved from South Africa to the south of Spain in 2016, and sometime later I happened to meet Anne (Ribbers, one of the founders, red.) at a children's birthday party. We ended up sending our kids to the same little Montessori school in the hills. Anne told me about their e-coaching training, I read the book in two days and decided to dive in!”

What did you think about online coaching then and what do you think about online coaching now? 

“I have always coached people online through Skype (no video), but it was limited to live interactions. When I discovered the blended continuous approach of e-coaching, it was fascinating to me. I always loved writing and I learned so much in the training. It was a steep learning curve to coach people without being live, through writing, applying such a robust body of knowledge to my messages... I have now accompanied many coachees through this blended approach with written e-coaching and I have seen how transformative, powerful, intimate and efficient it is. A wonderful addition to my coaching which has quickly become my favourite way of coaching. Now I train other coaches in this e-coaching methodology and firmly believe it adds a unique depth and consciousness to coaching journeys.”

Has online coaching using the eCoachPro methodology changed your work? And if so, in what way? 

”It has completely transformed it. I can now coach anyone anywhere and not be glued to my seat hour after hour. I use my time much more flexibly, which enables me to feel much more in control over my wellbeing. eCP's e-coaching has changed my coaching presence, the way I listen and how I distil my next best question. Having been trained in e-coaching has given me very powerful tools to move conversations along that I find more mindful - I always compare e-coaching to mindfully and patiently growing a bonsai, and that quality I have now in my face-to-face coaching interactions.”

What is it like to step into another role as a trainer? 

“It means learning this methodology over again, deepening it in a fresh way. I can now use my creativity to transmit my passion for this way of coaching to my trainees. It is a beautiful role that I cherish.”

What are your experiences as a trainer so far? 

”I have completed leading three executive coaches through the whole e-coaching course. Our small cohort enabled me to give much more space and time for group supervision and more detailed feedback, which supported the learning enormously. Training is another of my passions - I have always adored transiting information, helping others internalise something I was passionate about. I love doing that in a digestible way, inspiring others into action, helping them feel empowered to put into practice what they learn. I have been a trainer and facilitator in leadership journeys for a number of years, and I hope that aspect of my work comes back when this crisis we are in passes.”

This is the first blog in a series about working for, at and with eCoachPro.

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