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"Coaching on steroids": accelerated and effective

Upgrade the classic way of coaching with contemporary tools

When is coaching effective? Can it be different from the standard way of long-term coaching engagements with only 2 to 3 weekly (physical) conversations between coach and coachee? Is a faster, shorter and closer to the ball approach possible? In a way that better suits these dynamic times? We absolutely think so. At eCoachPro we coach professionals worldwide in a blended way on a daily base: flexible, fast and effective. Always with the aim of facilitating a sustainable change in behaviour. A call to let go of purely the traditional and blend the new with the old and embrace new ways of coaching. Because it works!

eCoachPro works for large organisations (NGO´s and private companies), which together are active in more than 130 countries (including conflict zones). As these organisations are active worldwide, our blended coaching (off- and online) fits seamlessly into this. Our more than 100 associates have experience in numerous organizations and business areas. They speak their languages well. We deliver our coaching and leadership programmes in 25 different languages. 

"Working with my coach during the one-hour session was truly helpful. I gained many perspectives and felt like we were not only connected but she really heard me and gave what I was hoping from the session."

Hostile troopsLearning curve EN 2019

The type of work with this type of (international) clients requires a coaching style that is very flexible. A trajectory in which we think along with you and make adjustments, if necessary. This requires looking for a match with the type of work, the working hours and making contact in a different way. Because if you are working in a conflict area and suddenly hostile troops invade (this really happened!) then a coaching conversation is not the most relevant task of the day. The same goes for the coronavirus that also had a very unexpected impact on business processes. A flexible & agile response is then an absolute requirement.

"The experience was enlightening and encouraging, to say the least."

Flexible deployment

What we do in these kind of cases is agree on short coaching trajectories with each other. For one of our NGO clients, participants only received four hours of coaching, which they were able to use flexibly. For one participant, a 1-hour coaching session works well 4 times. Another person likes to make short, multiple contacts with the coach. For example, by splitting up the coaching into conversations of 20 minutes (Skype, Facetime or ZOOM) and continue the conversation in a written dialogue online (Pluform). The way of coaching and the process design gets completely adapted to the wishes/needs of the coachee. This is all possible because our coaches are trained in our unique eCP method for online coaching. Most important for us is that the candidate feels good about it and that the results show a sustainable growth. Also, in these flexible design approach we appear to quickly get to the heart of the matter.

No limits

And the physical distance? It's not a problem at all. Certainly not if a client is active in different countries. Our online way of working seamlessly has a global connection. Our coaches know the drill, have worked for many years at large international organisations and speak their languages. The great diversity of coaches also makes it possible to work in a context that respects regional and local customs. Because of our online way of working, it is sustainable service. Have we made you curious? Then please contact us.

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