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eCoachPro has been awarded again: FD Gazelle 2021

As one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, eCoachPro receives the distinction of being a 'FD Gazelle 2021'.

We have managed to achieve another substantial growth and we are extra grateful for that, knowing how many fellow companies are in dire straits because of the Corona pandemic. We are proud as a team that for the second year in a row we received the FD Gazellen Award. This is a prize of the Dutch Financial Times for rapidly growing and financially healthy companies.

The main criterion is a turnover growth of at least 20% over a period of three years. 'Growing in turnover is one thing, but that does not mean that you have delivered much added value. Making a profit and creating jobs are also important indicators', according to FD editor Pim Kakebeeke. Turnover growth is considered in the final score by 50% and employee growth and profitability by 25% each. The expectations were not too high in advance after a disastrous corona year, but the fastest growers in the Netherlands don't sit still when a storm is brewing', Kakebeeke says.

Dutch roots with international scope

Although we are originally a Dutch company, our growth has been made possible by our European core team and our international team of associates. This enables us to assist our clients in their personal and professional development all over the world. Our growth is ongoing because more and more organizations are finding their way to us.

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Postponed award ceremony

The FD Gazellen Awards are one of the most prestigious business awards in the Netherlands. Because of the corona developments, it is decided to postpone the physical ceremony of the FD Gazellen Awards to March 24, 2022.

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