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Excelling leaders through embedded coaching

Excellent leadershipActual learning takes place at the relevant context during everyday tasks. Embedded coaching integrates this natural way of learning by coaching in the everyday reality and relevant context of the client. The coaching is tailored to the client, takes place at the working place, in the daily routine, with personal support. A possible method is to combine face-to-face coaching (f2f-coaching) with e-coaching (remote coaching using information- and communication technology).

The different types of online coaching (i.e. video-, telephone-, chat-, and mail coaching) differ from each other as well as from f2f-coaching is variety of areas. Video coaching has the most similarities with f2f-coaching. Communication is synchronous and the means of expressions is in both cases spoken.

Location and time independence

Mail coaching differs most from f2f-coaching. Verbal conversation is replaced by written conversation. This transition from verbal to written communication results in a process that reinforces learning. The coaching is asynchronous, which makes the coaching time and place independent. In addition, this type of e-coaching enables frequent contact between the coach and the coachee. This facilitates the learning process, because we learn from taking small steps, whereby the chance of success and positive reinforcement increases.

Another consequence is social anonymity. In the written conversation the coach and the coachee do not see each other. The pressure to show socially desirable behaviors decreases which allows the coachee to open up more easily.

Positive effect of writing

Furthermore, writing in itself is a valuable result of the transition from verbal to written communication. Writing is associated with an increase in insight, self-reflection, optimism, feelings of control, and self-esteem. Multiple studies have shown that writing facilitates the cognitive and emotional processing of events. Mail coaching also has the advantage that messages can be saved so the coachee can reread the coaching process any time he wants.

Not only for executives

Leadership coaching is a commonly used development tool for senior managers. Embedded coaching is a great way to enable the coaching of middle-, line-, unit-, and team managers in an efficient and cost-effective way. A great addition since these managers directly guide the employees on the workplace.

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