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400th certification for the International eCoach Register

Jacqueline Doomen

The international eCoach Register is expanding! Over 1000 coaches, HR-experts, psychologists and educational professionals got trained in the eCP-methodology and the ABC-model for online coaching (e-coaching). The growing number of professionals that is registered as a ‘Certified eCoach’ or ‘Certified eCounselor’ shows that these professionals take their development very seriously. The 400th certification is a fact! In this blog we would like to give the word to Jacqueline Doomen, the 400th certified eCoach.

Jacqueline Doomen is a career psychologist at her own practice ZilverWerk. She guides people in making changes in their job or when they change jobs. In this blog you will read her experience with the ‘Online Masterclass E-coaching’ and her decision to register with the International eCoach/eCounselor Register.

Why did you choose to participate in the "Online Masterclass E-coaching"?

As a career psychologist I help people to make changes in their job or to change jobs. I conducted a lot of face-to-face guiding sessions with my clients. The past few months I supplemented these sessions more often with mail or phone contact. I noticed that it kept my clients more involved in achieving their goals and made them more active in making small changes to reach their goals. Meanwhile the word ‘e-coaching’ kept on popping up and got my attention. Than another psychologist told me enthusiastically about her experience with the “Masterclass E-coaching for Professionals” of eCoachPro. She used words that really appeal to me: ‘linguistic strategies’, ‘evidence based’, ‘aimed at the actions of your client’. I really wanted to know more about that!

How did you experience the Masterclass?

I participated in the online version of the Masterclass (including trainer) and I found it very valuable, enjoyable and congruent. The Masterclass consists of a mixture between theory, practice and providing and receiving feedback. Learning by doing, reflecting and adjusting where necessary. Exactly how we guide our clients in e-coaching. Before the start of the Masterclass I was wondering if I could learn as much ‘online’ as I would if we were physically in the same room. Because I thought: ‘that is not possible, right’? Learning from behind your pc?! I was very curious about this. Now I know that it is really possible. The learning effect is just as big as with ‘traditional’ learning. Learning online is in some respects different than traditional learning. I had to get used to the technology (working with ZOOM). And had to find my way in the group discussions. Sometimes everyone remained quiet; sometimes we all started talking at the same time. But hey, this also happens when you are in the same room :-)

Jacqueline Doomen e coach

Why did you choose Certification?

Certification to me, means further professionalization. The certification process requires you to answer quite a lot of reflection questions. While answering them it became evident to me what I had learned and how I could integrate my new skills and knowledge in my job. It also became clear to me what I would like to develop in the next couple of months. Development is very important to me, because I want to be a skilled e-coach. Certification also means marketing. As a self-employed career psychologist I can use the hallmark ‘Certified eCoach’ to show to my clients that I am a professional e-coach.

How does your future as a 'Certified eCoach' look like?

E-coaching is now an integral part of the way I guide people in shaping their career. It helps me to guide people in achieving their goals. I am also exploring the opportunities to further professionalize my e-coaching skills. Participating in the Level II Masterclass is the next step in my personal development plan:-)

Interview with Jacqueline Doomen - career psychologist at ZilverWerk

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