Everything we do is based on our specifically designed Behavioral Change model for Accelarated professional growth. Using this approach in our services we enable our clients to significantly increase the Return on Investment in the area of human capital development.

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Our blended coaching approach facilitates the natural way people learn and develop new skills and behaviours. We blend traditional and innovative techniques. For example a "face-to-face" intake combined with online video calls and text based exercises. The aim is continuous and frequent contact in the relevant context. This approach requires additional skills and expertise from coaches. To this end we developed an exclusive approach based on scientific research for technology enhanced coaching.

  • The ABC-model for Accelarated Behavioral Change 
  • The eCP-method for online guidance, coaching and support

 Have a look at our video for a 2,5 minute explanation of this innovative approach.

Theory and practice for a new online approach to coaching

The book describes the ABC-model for online coaching and the unique benefits and ingredients of this new approach. Amongst others the implications and strengths of working at a distance, increased frequent contact moments, social anonymity and the power of writing.

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Monitor and evaluate 

We continuously measure and evaluate the results of our coaching. We use the NOBCO Coaching Monitor. This online measuring tool: 

  • measures important psychological characteristics of clients;
  • provides clear insights in the progress on the set objectives;
  • offers the opportunity to intervene along the way;
  • offers 360-degree feedback and peer-evaluations;
  • provides visual reports on the progress and results.

The effectiveness and added value of the coaching program is presented in a clear way. Click on the left for a short video on the Coaching Montor.


Online platform for professional development:  

We highly value personal and technical safety and security in our services. Therefore we use our own designed and built online coaching platform: This platform facilitates an easy and effective collaboration between our coaches and their clients. The personal touch of communications and especially the interpersonal dialogue are centralized in this platform. Your people can work on their own pace, in their relevant context of the daily job, flexibly and continuously on their professional development. 

Click on the right for a short video on or take a look at the website: 

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